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The Non-Blonde, international cosmetics skincare and fragrance blogger says:


" I'm back full time to my trusted BFF Serum Oil  that actually makes a difference (calming redness, promotes healing, gives significant nourishing)"

Our Skincare Products


Skin oil serums have finally caught on! Sephora now carries 40 kinds,

But none of them have the range of active ingredients that BFF has, with no fillers...

and clients tell me it helps chase a way the winter blues! Rose is one of the oldest and most trusted mood soothers, and its amazing for skin too.


Serum oil is featured in New York Times, recommended by make-up artist
Tom Pecheaux, as " secret strategy for re-energizing and brightening the face in no time...."


The serum oil featured in the article, Rodin Olio Lusso, lacks the range of active ingredients and is more expensive than BFF, and also contains BHT, a preservative with a tolulene base. BHT is a known allergen and immunotoxin, and is moderately carcinogenic, according to Environmental Working Group.



Is the acclaimed skincare product we create here in small artisanal batches and offer online, and in select salons and spas. It is the only multi-ingredient face oil on the market that is composed of all highly active ingredients - no fillers, no additives, no skincare miracle ingredients. (Who wants to be a guinea pig?)  I know from experience that full-strength cold pressed natural oils are more effective than 'active ingredient' oils that are diluted with mineral oil or other carriers. Such a product would be prohibitively expensive for a major cosmetics company to offer, considering their profit margins and overhead. That is why I formulated it. It is a simple, no-frills

product, with effectiveness tested by friends and relatives, customers and the world-famous blogger, Gaia Fishler, The Non-Blonde. The packaging is simple, and I don't buy advertising, so buyers don't pay for anything but the product.



New!  After Bath Body Oil! Same principle as BFF, different ingredients, different hard-working essential oils-so it has a different fragrance-light and uplifting!

#1 SKINCARE PICK of 2012 by The NON-BLONDE, January 2, 2013 (click to go there):


Skin Care:

I tested and experimented more than was good for me (and had the chemical burn to show for it), but three things made the most difference for my skin:

1. Best Face Forward Natural Serum Oil - I don't ever want to be without it.

2. Paula's Choice Resist series, and especially the Retinol Serum (which can be used over the BFF oil).

3. Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Sleeping Mask- This clear mask fights dryness like nothing else.

 - The Non-Blonde, Gaia Fishler, Beauty + Perfume Blogger


Unsolicited Feedback:


"I received the BFF serum oil that I contacted you about a few weeks ago and just wanted to let you know I LOVE it!  I can't believe how my skin has improved in just 2 days.  Thank you so much for this wonderful oil.  Next time I order I will get the large bottle... it's like the Nectar of the Gods!" -T.T.


"I have fallen in love with the BFF, having recently ordered a deluxe sample to try, on the good advice of my friend...Thank you for creating this wonderful oil and making it available to all - my skin has gotten so much better and happier in the couple of weeks I've been using it!"


"Wow. Wow, wow, wow. My skin looks a million times better, and it's just been three weeks since I started using your BFF. The texture is much nicer, and my dark spots seem to be fading. Most astonishingly, I have had NO breakouts since a few days after I started using it--and I _always_ (and I really mean always) have at least a couple of problematic areas on my face. I certainly had not expected it to solve my acne issue! Really, I can't thank you enough. A couple more weeks and I expect I won't be embarrassed to leave the house without foundation" -C.C.


"Thank you so much Annette. I had purchased a deluxe sample of BFF and I have to tell you, it is amazing. I have used it for 2 days and my husband commented on how great my skin looks!" -M.U.


" ...I just knew I never wanted to be without it again, after only using it for a few days my skin drastically improved.  Thank you for making this wonderful product!!  -J.M.


"I have to tell you, your face serum is lusciously lusciously scrumtiously nourishing my face these past few cold dry COLD skin cracking days! Not to mention my hands as they smooth it into my face. don't let the "oil" part dissuade you from trying if you have oily skin! i have somewhat oily skin and must say that this is the kind of oil your skin not only needs but will love! i was surprised to notice my makeup even looks better now, much more 'natural'!Love this stuff! Don't ever stop making it, k? "

-Grace W., Hull, Massachusetts


"I put your moisturizer (BFF) on tonight and it is so soothing. It's like a hug for your skin. It really soaked in quickly, I was more dehydrated than I thought!"

 -Summer, of Summer's Skincare Services, LLC.


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