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17 Unique, Alcohol Free Energetic Flower Essence Blends
Evoke Qualities of Power Animals
for Powerful Support in Emotional/Energetic Healing of Self and Others

Are you ready to take your Reiki or other energy practice to a higher level?

There is nothing like them, anywhere! Give yourself and/or your clients a boost!

We have been collaborating with Master Flower Essence Practitioner Nancy Boyd,
to create custom blends to compliment the work of Reiki and all other wellness/healing modalities, shamanic journeying and intuitive work, and ceremonies of gratitude, humility, and healing for ourselves and All Our Relations.
More and more people we meet are working to re-connect with their natural selves, and many healers are now working with nature elementals, we believe these essences are good companions on these paths.

Through work with flower essences and blends, we find they create a quiet, powerful, positive, deep emotional healing synergy. We think these essences can greatly enhance healing of self and others, when used as a complement to a healing path.

We offer these essence blends as synergistic 'tools' for those in the energy healing professions and those on healing journeys of their own.

Although these essence blends honor animals, no animals or animal parts are used in their formulation--the formulas are combinations of flower essences, some with the archetypal vibrational imprint of an animal added as well.

One more thing about the Blue Panther Energetic Essences: they contain flower patterns from every continent on the planet, and ~ for the first time in Nancy's practice ~ carefully selected gem essences to ground and integrate your personal electrical field deeply with the energetic patterns of the light body of Mother Earth.

With the Blue Panther line, truly you will dance not only with the flowers ~ but with the Awakened Earth!

NOTE: These are NOT fragrance oils, or aromatherapy.

and yet another NOTE: When considering these essences, look at their qualities, not necessarily the 'animal'. That is why many popular power animals are not represented here--but some of their qualities inevitably are. Some people have asked us about whether they should order their "power or totem animal". Our response: see if you 'resonate' with the qualities represented, rather than ordering by name.

For more, see Reiki Shamanism book excerpt

See Essence Descriptions

"Interestingly, the impact of Bear and Eagle have been the most dramatic-
with the Bear, Reiki guides seem to release more energy with a greater
impact on the recipient than ever before. And as a side benefit, I have
never slept so well in years and years. There is no question in my mind
that the Bear does dramatically assist in healing others and the self.

The Eagle has a similar effect on insight and intuition for me . . . It
does enhance those aspects of my practice with my clinical patients. I
can strongly recommend the Deer for reflection and introspection, when
it's time to self evaluate and reorganize yourself . . . It is very
calming." -G.P. Tacoma, WA

...Horse...Grandfathers/Stone People...

Price: $18.00 each.

These water-stabilized essences come in a 30ml. dropper bottle,
and are preserved with white vinegar and shiso (perilla), an herb in the mint family. They have a very slight vinegar taste and are colorless.

They contain no alcohol
and are completely non-toxic.

"The flower essences are actually an etheric imprint held in the medium of water, which then speaks in a subtle language to the human psyche or soul."
-- Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, Flower Essence Society.

The dosage is 5 drops under the tongue, (Be careful not to touch the dropper to the mouth.)
in plain water, on the skin, or in the bath. A very effective way to take them is to add them to your daily water bottle and sip throughout the day.

They may be taken as needed, or continuously for a month or more. Taking more essence does not increase the effects, but taking more often does. In acute or emergency situations, they may be taken every minute or so--5 drops sipped in a glass of water-until professional help arrives.

How to choose? If you can't decide, we have a foundation set, the Blue Panther Basics, which we think everyone should have. It contains Turtle, Bear, Eagle and Deer essences. Briefly: Bear-Healing/Protection, Deer-Comfort/Calm, Eagle-Clarity/Perspective,and Turtle-Ground/Center/ Shield. Otherwise, trust your intuition or email us for suggestions.


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Blue Panther Energetic Essence Descriptions

From Nancy Boyd:

"Bee is the facilitator for the reproductive systems of the flower and plant kingdom. In this capacity, she understands deeply the relationship of both unmanifest potential and form -- and the en-livening energy that creation brings (aka Life Force or Qi.) Within this understanding there is complete harmony of One-ness: neither male nor female/dark or light/good or bad. Only That Which Is.
Bee carries the "I AM" pattern of creation from conception (or ideation) through to completion/manifestation in form.Bee wishes to deliver the following profound message:

"To be in-form'ed
is to Bee Alive!"

The condition of being in-form'ed (as Bee sees it. . . ) is that of completion, manifestation, within the perfection and balance of All-That-Is, as it expresses through you WHEN you are in your knowing of yourself as a being of One-ness with Source."
"Immediately upon taking it, I felt it nourishing places I didn't know needed nourishing, or even that I had such places within me. Truly a marvelous sensation.
Such buoyancy! And life!
It seems to heal deep within.


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BEAR Healing, protection, inner strength

  • igniting the fire within-ones own power, nvwati,
    connection to spirit
  • awareness of ones unique powers and abilities,
  • calling in spirits to assist in protection and healing
  • stamina and endurance

Some Uses: For healing self and others, and for accessing the light within when the outside world seems to be in chaos.

"Whenever I take Bear Essence, I feel the presence of my Bear power animal, and more--I find myself humming "Bear Songs" and feel connected to a big benevolent univeral presence...protected, and it seems to help me intuit the needs of my students and reiki clients."



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TURTLE Ground, Center, Shield

  • Preparation for reiki or other energy work or ceremony
  • Grounding, connection to Earth energetically
  • Centering, connection to highest self, core of consciousness in the body
  • Shielding, creation, through intent, a protective energy layer around you
  • So that one operates with balanced awareness

Some Uses: To help prepare for energy work--facilitates balanced awareness and connection to the magnetic forces of Earth and Sky.helps shielding, so that any negativity encountered in the energy work is deflected off the aura, and positive energy flows freely. Can also be used before ceremony, or whenever it is important to be energetically 'poised'--as well as during everyday situations, where one may be prone to feeling energetically drained or challenged.

I took this before a meeting I was nervous about, it helped me to feel relaxed enough to be in control and confident. There were people there that I don;t see eye to eye with, and I didn't feel threatened by them as I usually do."

"With turtle, I had the most interesting, unique feeling: of grounding... Not like usual, with feeling the Earth's energy, but with a grounding connection with the Earth and all things. I'm not sure how much of it was the essence, and how much was my mood, but it allowed me to review some of the things that were going on in my life, and had gone on for a while, and to make some decisions that, I guess, I had been putting off and do so without fear. That seems to be the key element: without fear. I had been afraid to review some things because they were too close to me, to intimate. But, because of the connection, the grounding as a strong connection to stability, I guess, I was freed to review these things and see them for what they were, honestly.... Really powerful stuff." JPE

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DEER Calm, comfort, nurture

  • In promoting feelings of security and protection
  • Relaxation after traumatic or stressful event
  • Emotional balancing

Some Uses: This has similar uses to the popular Bach "Rescue Remedy", however, its formula is different, it invokes totemic Deer etheric energy (this is energetic, not animal) and does not contain alcohol. It is used to ease fear and balance the emotions and calm the mind, so that one is more open to healing, higher self and Spirit helpers.
"The effect of the essence was almost instantaneous. I felt myself relaxing, the muscles around the shoulders releasing, and I almost involuntarily took a deep breath and released it. The words came to me to "just breathe" and I felt as if healing hands were caressing my body, soothing me, allowing me to just let go. ... It gave me confidence that everything would be OK." JPE

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EAGLE Mental clarity, perspective, detachment

  • In gaining perspective; seeing the bigger picture and lessons in all situations
  • In seeing situations in the hard light of truth, discerning facts
  • In living through 'difficult' times without getting drawn in to the ambient negativity
  • In being compassionate without suffering for others
  • In allowing your spirit to soar

Some Uses: Can be used with other essences to ease the after-effects of trauma, and foster recognition of persistent/reactionary negative thought patterns and associations. Can also be used to aid clarity in decision-making, so that decisions may be made in traditional Native way; with consideration of the impact on the welfare of seven generations to come. This is a formula that is targeted to our difficult times of war and economic crisis; to assist one in staying on the side of hope, positive change and responsibility for one's own attitudes and emotions.
I really like it, as it gives clarity. When I take it, I find myself seeming to be removed from whatever it was that was bothering me, not so affected by it. I won't say it makes me forget about whatever was bothering me, but it does allow me to be more objective, maybe even indifferent, about it." JPE

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WOLF Connection, Protection, Community, Everyday Miracles

  • In balanced connection to the sacred circle of life, Communities of Earth and All Our Relations
  • In protection, and clearing of spaces
  • In cultivating a discerning openness, playfulness and exploration in physical and other dimensions
  • Finding miracles on your doorstep

Some Uses: Very good for those seeking to re-connect with their natural selves and as well as those incorporating
work with nature and/or nature elementals in their healing practice. Can be used when working on issues of family, and the greater community of life. Helps deepen the understanding that nature is not outside of us, it is us. It's useful in healing, space clearing work and preparationfor ceremony,as Wolf both guards from danger and brings good things in.

"I LOVED the wolf essence!!!! It made me feel very confident. Just walking around, whistling, enjoying life! I felt that I was protected, that there was a circle of protection around me wherever I went. If I looked ahead, it was like the way was made open for me. It's hard to describe. But I'd say that Wolf essence is definitely a confidence builder. I'd like to feel like that every day!")

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DOLPHIN Breath, rhythm, grace, clairvoyance


  • Visioning in dreamtime
  • Plumbing deep emotions in a healthy way
  • Expression of unbounded joy and playfulness
  • Communication and communion with family

Some Uses: For helping to move gracefully and easily between dreamtime and journey worlds and 3-D reality. Aids in tuning in to the breath and its rhythms, one's own and that of other beings, helping one to function in within 'the flow'. Can facilitate rediscovering unbounded joy and playfulness lost to childhood trauma or simply 'growing up'.

"I have a ritual each day, going within to help choose which flower essence goes with the day. For a while, I was intuitively picking up dolphin, but couldn't discern why. It came to me after a few days. I had had a big change at work and dolphin was helping me to make the transition. Dolphin, you know, lives in the water but breathes air like the mammal that it is. Rather than being a 'fish out of water' in my new job, I just fit right in. It was great!
I like dolphin for when I want to exist in the workday world and retain Spirit. it's like a secret doorway I can escape through whenever I want."

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BISON Faith and connection to Creator, gratitude, abundance

  • Grounded connection to higher powers
  • Deep gratitude for the gift of life
  • Coming into one's power through right action, respect and humility
  • Recognition of the abundance of the Universe, rather than the man-made ideas of scarcity
    Facilitates connection to higher powers, deep appreciation for the gift of our life and the life all around us, helps us to act in the knowledge that abundance is the law of the Universe and that scarcity is a man made concept--produced by the limitations of thought and the ego. Helps us to see the nvwati, the good medicine in all things and events, and to come into our power through right action, respect and humility.

Some Uses: Supports those wishing to stay on a path of right action and humilty, to transcend the ego's needs. A good companion for those working to release old patterns related to money, scarcity, fear of wont. Helps one to see the Nvwati, or good medicine, in all events and beings; so that gratitude flows and faith is renewed.


"With the Bison essence, I felt an immediate expansion of the heart. My heart just opened up. I could feel it exanding, and a big grin coming across my face. I just got happy, for no apparent reason. Later, I found that my thoughts were big, as in expansive. I wasn't inclined to do "close in" work, but things that required big thoughts, big aims, big, encompassing things. It was great. Later on, I noticed that his "bigness" was actually a connection. The word "herd" comes to mind; that you are a member of something much larger, so there's no lack, no scarcity, no feeling of want, and that you can anything because everything you need is provided. And that brought me back to the happiness in my heart again. Wow. What a circuit. What a oneness! Thank you!"

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BUTTERFLY Joyful transformation, creativity, lightness of being

  • Meeting challenges as opportunities
  • Creative expression
  • Moving with change rather than against it; being Ok with 'what is'

Some Uses:
In these times we are manifesting rapid changes, choices and challenges. This formula works with those working to Allow, Accept , Acknowledge and Be Grateful... with light-hearted grace and humor, to recognize and welcome new opportunities, to co-create with our joyful higher selves, fears and toxic thoughts transmuted into healing love and light.

"I took this when I was feeling down the other day, a few drops in a glass of filtered water, I sipped it every 15 minutes or so, and before I realized it I was back to my old lighthearted self."

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HORSE(Wild) Freedom, open heartedness, movement, personal power

  • Heart healing work
  • New endeavors and journeys
  • Balancing desires
  • Balancing personal power: freedom and responsibility

Some uses: This essence combination is useful to people working to open their heart--emotionally and energetically, the heart chakra. For this reason it is also good to use prior to ceremony. It assists one in connecting to the courage, power and freedom within, when faced with a new journey of any sort.
You could rename this essence 'Freedom.' With Horse, I feel like I can go anywhere, do anything, with no fear of lack, just go wherever my heart desires.

This essence seems to work best in times of rapid change, allowing nimble and fast shifts in thoughts and behavior." JPE

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HAWK Messenger of past lives, clairvoyance, awareness

  • Clarity in past life regression work
  • Resolving of old karmic issues
  • Opening to intuition

Some Uses: This formula is a good adjunct to past life regression work and discovery of old karmic patterns and their release, if appropriate. It is useful to those working to re-connect to their intuitive powers and honing their awareness to the life around us that we have shut off--as we have tuned in to the world of our own invention--the technological one. As one becomes a better listener, one will be more open to whatever Hawk, the messenger, brings. Very useful to healers working with nature elementals.
"This flower essence is one of my favorites. It allows me to be so aware of little things that can become big things. It helps with alertness toward matters one might miss otherwise that can have significance. Definitely a Spirit connection!" JPE

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FROG Metamorphosis, sensitivity, adaptability, faith

  • Courage to take a leap of faith
  • Cleansing of emotional toxins
  • Attentive listening
  • Using the voice, sound and rhythm for healing

Some Uses: Good for those in the creative fields--even if it is creating one's own health and wellness--for confidence and connection to ones muses--assists in taking the leap from one way of being or looking at things to another, more appropriate way. Ease in water and water issues, cleansing of toxins with water. Aids in connecting with one's child as it is in development. Good for use in drumming and vocal ceremonies.
"I keep Frog in a handy place. Whenever I feel uncertain which way to go, it offers comfort, and then, I realize that the decision has already been made, and I'm in the new space. " JPE

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SPIDER Release, reweave, recover

  • Releasing old patterns and re-weaving new ones
  • Mental, emotional, physical mending
  • Setting personal boundaries

Some Uses: This formula is a good companionfor those who are working on manifesting, but have trouble letting go of expectations for certain outcomes. Also useful for those in substance abuse or addiction recovery of all sorts. Aids in having the confidence to co-create a new, more balanced way of being, in tune with one's natural self.

"When I first took the Spider Essence, it struck me: "Wow, this is some powerful stuff!" Energetically, that is.
And it is "powerful stuff." I found it helps promote creativity, helps me reach out for new ways of thinking/being. I definitely want to keep this one at hand."

"I call this my 'friendship medicine.' Energetically, it helps to 'reach out' to people who will help you on your path. People just seem to pop into my life to help whatever I'm working on or thinking about. "JPE

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PANTHER Strength, resilience, discernment, protection

  • Work in coming into one's own true power and voice
  • Appropriate and balanced use of the above
  • Patience, adaptability

Some Uses: A good companion for those learning or practicing shamanic or journey work. It aids patience and keen awareness, centeredness, discernment, connection to the higher self, so that energy is not used impulsively, inappropriately, or 'wasted' in other ways.
"Whenever I take this essence, I feel as if a powerful presence is walking along beside me, watching out.

Creates a connection to the Earth, a sense of belonging and kinship. On wildcrafting trips, it helps to see herbs and plants in a different light.
" -JPE

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MOUSE Present, focused, aware, nimble

  • Being present in the moment, the "now"
  • Ability to act quickly, recognize and seize opportunity
  • Finding the Still Point in meditation

Some Uses: This is a fine companion for those wanting to live in real time, not the linear time humans have invented. It can help one actively understand the true depth and infinite possibilities of each moment. helps counteract a tendency to "space-out', live in the past or speculations of the future, and mediate the present, fall back on old reactionary patterns, rather than experiencing the "now".

I didn't feel anything at all when I took mouse essence. Then for the rest of the day, I noticed new things about things in my familiar everyday surroundings--amazing details that I somehow had overlooked. I realized that Mouse essence was helping me to be more "present" and more alert to my senses. I felt happy just being."


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OWL Intuition, Connection to Spirit, Inner Wisdom

  • Discernment in shamanic and intuitive work
  • Recognition of one's own shadow side
  • Lucid dreaming

Some Uses: Helps one working to allow, understand and and learn from the gifts of one's shadow self. Facilitates discernment in journey, lucid dreaming, and intuitive work--when one is working to see clearly what is offered, apart from the filter of past experience and egoic concerns and wishes. Helps one to connect to innate wisdom.
"If you could carry a sense of visioning in your back pocket, this is it. I can take Owl and then for the rest of the day, whenever I want, just 'tune in' to it and have a feeling of 'seeing' that is truly unique. Very powerful! " -JPE

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GRANDFATHERS/Stone People Purify, Release, Connect to Ancestors

  • Connections to ancestors and deep wisdom of the ages
  • Releasing all that is not needed
  • Purification before ceremony or healing/energy work

Some Uses:
Assists those working to release 'baggage' and day to day issues, or other blocks that cloud ones ability to channel healing energy effectively or connect with Creator, helps to clear and open chakras, prepare for ceremony, facilitates healing self or helping others to heal. A good companion for those working with nature elementals.
"When I have to go to meetings, I take this beforehand so that I can stay grounded. It helps in keeping balance and hearing inner wisdom. " -JPE

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