I will create a necklace for you, according to your specified parameters, within my design sensibility. In other words--the necklace will not be made-to-order. I would not presume to reproduce an idea in your head.


    Custom necklaces base price: $95.00


    An original necklace, designed just for you, created with high quality materials. A base price necklace will have one totem animal represented in pendant or bead form, and a mix of semi-precious stones. (The necklace does not have to have animal totem or totem symbols.)



    Special or expensive beads, elements, or pendants;

    large quantities of expensive beads

    ( such as turquoise, kyanite, malachite and so on);

    more than one strand;

    Longer than 20";

    rush orders;

    more than one or two animal totems per necklace...


    Use the CONTACT US link in the left menu. I will get back to you within 24 hours, if possible. Once a price is agreed upon, I will send you a secure PayPal invoice. Once the invoice is paid in full, I will start work.



    After full payment, I will start work on your necklace. This may involve ordering materials, which may add weeks to the delivery date. Most necklaces are delivered within a month. Creating a necklace that is a fine companion piece for you is a priority; therefore I only work when I can give it a lot of TLC and undivided attention.


    I work intuitively and incorporate my highly trained design sensibility as well. This means that what I make may not be what you envision for yourself, or it may be very much better than what you imagine. I generally do not make "to order", so this is the big leap you take in ordering. Be sure to look at the galleries, so you get an idea of my design sensibility. If there is a necklace that you particularly like, please let me know. I can design something similar for you. But gemstone beads come and go--so often I cannot replicate items exactly, unless I happen to have the materials in stock.


    I ship USPS Priority Mail, with delivery tracking - both domestic and international.  The domestic rate is $6.00, the international rate varies by country, around $17-22.00 US.  Some countries charge a customs fee, and detain items in customs for varying periosd of time. Be sure to research this and take it into account when ordering.


    Your necklace needs little care, just gentle handling, and a silver polishing cloth from time to time if there are silver elements. Most necklaces don't survive long being worn during sleep or shower, unless they are strung on synthetic sinew or leather. Synthetic sinew lasts much longer than leather; leather thong will deteriorate within 6 months of constant wear.


    Stones absorb energy--quartz--in most stones, absorbs and amplifies, transmits energy. (Remember crystal radios?) So it is good to cleanse them from time to time. Cleansing can be easily and quickly accomplished with smudge smoke, liquid smudge, reiki, sunshine, or even a few minutes in the freezer.


    Necklaces can eventually break under normal wear, or sometimes they break for energetic reasons. I have clients who request a restring and redesign after a year or so, as the design no longer suits them. You can send the necklace back after a year for a restring or redesign, as long as I am in business. The fee is 25. plus postage for a simple re-string, and more for a complete revision with all new materials.


    No cash refunds, jewelry credit only. I will promptly replace any defective parts. If your necklace breaks, I will restring it for a $25. restringing fee plus cost of materials and return shipping, if appropriate.

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