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Sweetgrass smells sweet and fragrant, and has been used in ceremonial traditions and for gently clearing energy for hundreds of years.  Our friend, Nancy created this liquid smudge to help clear away what is not sweet in your environment, to make way for the energy of kindness, compassion, and inclusiveness.


Her Organic Sweetgrass Spray is appropriate anywhere you want clean, clear energy ~ and the fragrance of fresh, sweet air to grace your space.


Every batch is infused with Reiki energy and prayers for health, peace, and kindness.


New from Nancy Boyd, who is a Master Flower Essence practitioner:


All new environmental spray formulas!
(Please note: these formulas are intended for external use only. Please do not take them internally.)  Our new spray formulas are made from 100% flower essences, natural spring water, and 10-12% organic alcohol.  They do not contain fragrances, so they are safe for those with environmental sensitivities.


Essence sprays have no fragrance, just the energetic essences of flowers. They are powerful but "silent"!  Perfect for using in places where a fragrance may be intrusive-such as an office or hospital...or if you are sensitive to essential oils

Energy Clearing Spray ~ clears your space, dispels negative energy, establishes new energy patterns conducive to peace, happiness, and productive activity.




Quan Yin Peace Presence Spray ~ Quan Yin is the embodiment of feminine sacred energy, receptive to peaceful and safe enjoyment of your space, creativity and play, and fostering nurturing energy for creative expression. Use this spray to help generate peaceful, safe energy for creativity and tranquility.

Sword of Manjushri Spray ~ Manjushri is the embodiment of sacred masculine, forceful protection and “cutting through” of obstacles in a clean, powerful way. This spray is for cutting through anger, confusion, chaos and the clutter of the mind, and refreshing your space with clarity.


Guardian Angel Protector Sacred Spaces Energy Clearing Spray ~ Your guardian angels and protectors are always there for you, but they need to be invited consciously into your space and welcomed there. This formula helps you invite and welcome all your guardian angels and protectors, especially when you feel that life is too hard for you to carry all by yourself.


Safe Child, Happy Child Spray ~ This formula is for children of all ages, including your inner child. Use this when you want freedom from worldly cares, and want to feel safe and happy in your space, knowing that you are just fine the way you are.

Post-Disaster/Trauma Recovery Spray ~ This formula is for spaces where trauma, natural disasters, violence, and/or painful emotional events have happened. It’s for restoring the natural balance to any space (or piece of land) after something extreme has occurred there. The formula dissolves all lingering thought forms and patterns, replacing them with peace and Qi. This formula also allows room for humans and animals to safely process their feelings about what has happened in the space, and to be able to integrate the emotions and move on safely and in peace.

Grounding ~ Get grounded and centered amidst chaos, confusion, or scattered energies in your living or working spaces.


Sweet Dreams ~ For those of you who have been using Liquid Smudge to help you (or your kids) go to sleep and get a restful night of slumber, we have a new formula.  This one helps you release all the tensions of the day, fears and anxieties, stress, and mental stimulation, so that you can fall asleep.  It also contains flower essences whose pattern helps you have peaceful sleep and sweet dreams (without nightmares or night-time sleep disturbances.)




1 OZ SPRAY: $25.00


2 OZ SPRAY: $35.00

Please note:  These formulas are for external use only, and is not intended to treat any medical or psychological condition; please see your health care provider for all such issues.


Our friends in Hawaii and Vermont are perfecting a liquid smudge spray that updates a traditional formula and will replace the Blue Eagle smudge we used to carry.  It should be in stock by March, maybe sooner!


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