These are all examples of my original custom hand-painted Remo drums. Remo drums

are permanently tuned, durable, have wonderful deep vibrating tone that really 'sings' loud and clear.  They are great for ceremony, personal drumming, energy work of all kinds...and they travel very well, are unaffected by changes in humidity, rough handling, sun, rain or constant use.  The paint/design is permanent and cannot be beaten, washed, or worn off--though some fading may occur with extreme exposure to sun and elements.


Prices range from $350. to $425.+ depending
on complexity, and add-ons. Painted drumstick is included.

To order a drum, custom designed and painted for you,

please use our CONTACT FORM.  If there is a drum from the gallery that you like, I can make one similar to it. You can see the results of such a request when you look at the "Ixchel 12-12-12" drum (1st/original), and compare it to the "Ixchel Black Panther Drum" (variation on the theme).

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