Annette Ewing, C-I-E-I-O      Jim Ewing, C-D-B


ShooFly Farms, after 7 years in operation, is no more.


We thank all the people who have taken part in this venture through the years- Patrick at Rainbow Whole Foods Co-op, neighbors Jamie and Donna, volunteer pickers and weeders, consumers and visitors...and are deeply grateful to the land which sustained us.


Jim is living in Pelahatchie, MS, and traveling around the Gulf States region (MS, LA, AL, GA, FL) teaching workshops on organics with the ATTRA program - the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service - provided by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT). For more information, see:

Annette is living in Columbus, NC, consulting on organic/sustainable growing and open to her next farming adventure.



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